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The test

Do the test and see if your numeracy skills match the required entry level of the first year at Breda University of Applied Sciences. You will match our entry level if 75% of your answers are correct. If your score is lower, we recommend that you buy the online course and complete this course before you start on your study programme at BUas. After finishing the test, you will receive the result immediately.
Depending on the level of your numeracy skills, it will take a maximum of one hour to complete the test.

Good luck!

Start entry test

Do the entry test to see if you will have to take the course.

The course

To increase your chances of successfully completing the propaedeutic phase, BUas – in cooperation with ‘Hogeschoolrekenen’ - offers an online brush-up course in (financial) calculation.

The course is fully online. You will work individually, at your own pace, and the emphasis is on ‘doing’. The course has three levels: basic calculation, applied calculation and financial calculation.

The study load is 15 to 30 hours and, of course, depends on the level of your numeracy skills.

You can buy the course online with iDeal and the fee is € 35. After purchasing, you will have access to the course during three years.

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